Just being me

Words cannot say

The pain I have

How I feel today

I just can't explain


It's not a game

I want to play

I'm not the same

Person I used to be


No manipulation

Or just a threat

Making my own creation

Only come with lies


Cause I lay

All day in bed

But I can stay

On my feet


If I want attention

However I use all

My strenght to mention

I really need some help


I can't keep up any longer

And I really wish

For you I was stronger

But I gave everything


Please see me as I am

A real person

Not an object you can slam

And beat to the ground


Cause you say you know

Who I am and how I act

Ignore me to show

How I must behave


But everything is gone

I cannot change who I am

I really need help, someone



I don't lie

I don't fake

I only cry

Feeling sad


I really want you to see



Wendy van Kampen

7 september 2020